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What is KetoHottie

"#Keto" short for Ketogenic. 

Ketogenic - using fat for fuel. It's been used as a "diet" since 1920 for those with medical conditions. 

"Hottie" - the definition per Websters is a sexually attractive person. 

And no, I am not talking that one although my sex drive is wild since making certain changes.

"Mod" Modified to eat healthy fats only! No trans, less saturated and more mono and poly.

However, a REAL HOTTIE in my book means see the graphic! 

Now come on... Who would not want to look and feel gooooooood, inside and outside? 

#KETOHOTTIE means more than just what you may think when you hear the word. 

The modern day #ketohottie is the classic 1920's woman but in today's world can be a combo of any of these traits:

1. Hard working for herself, her family, and possibly working with and for others! 

2. Outstanding in her community, among peers, other moms, at work or just working on herself. 

3. Talented and shares those talents to better and enrich other's lives. Speaking life into their life. 

4. Talented and that talent shows in a humble manner - not arrogant.

5. Intelligent - Educates others and shares knowledge to help others advance and expand their life. 

6. Entrepreneurial spirit and lifestyle ... okay that's me! And it may be you. 

We should Connect! 


7. Ummmmm now this may be a hard one for you, surly it is for me. But still working on that one. 

A real #ketohottie exudes self confidence, a mindset powerhouse while helping so many that she ROCKS!!! And lives a lifestyle (yes, even a #ketomod) to keep her in good health. 

To all the Keto Hotties being made out there right now - thank you for the adventure we are having together. 

Massive Love and #Ketomod ON!!!!